Thinkre™ Profile

Thinkre™ Group,founded by Dr.Yang Dawei, an expert of “National Ten Thousand Talents Plan”, is headquartered in Wujiang District, Suzhou city,100 km away from Shanghai,China.Jiang Su Thinkre™ Membrane Material Co., Ltd, (production base 1), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Thinkre™ Group, was founded in Huai'An, Jiangsu Province in 2008. With more than ten years' experience in research, development and manufacturing of perfluorinated ion membrane, Thinkre™ Group is one of the earliest enterprises to realize the industrialization of perfluorinated proton exchange membrane in China.

Since its establishment,and acquired a series of honors through efforts, such as National High-tech Enterprises, National Specialized and Special "Little Giant" Enterprise, Suzhou Unicorn Enterprise, Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Award, National Key New Product,Gold Medal for International Invention Patent Exhibition and so on. Thinkre™ has undertaken a number of major government tasks and projects above the provincial level, such as the SME Innovation Fund of the Ministry of Science and Technology,Jiangsu Province major scientific and technological achievements transformation, Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Support Plan, Jiangsu Province Key Research and Development Plan, Jiangsu Province Mass Innovation Team, etc. The company's research and development center has obtained a number of innovation platform above the provincial level, such as Jiangsu Province Enterprise Technology Center and Jiangsu Province Postdoctoral Innovation Practice Base.

Technology and innovation are the driving force of enterprise development. Thinkre™ owns more than 40 technical patents on perfluorinated ionic membranes, and R&D personnel account for more than half of the total number of employees. 

Thinkre™'s research and development team has been awarded a series of honors such as "Entrepreneurship and Innovation Talent of Jiangsu Province", "Entrepreneurship and Innovation Team of Jiangsu Province", "Six Top Talents of Jiangsu Province", "333 High-level Talents of Jiangsu Province", "Entrepreneurship and Innovation Talent of the Ministry of Science and Technology", "National 10,000 People Plan" and so on. 

Thinkre™ has established five laboratories, including raw material selection and evaluation, membrane material liquid preparation, membrane preparation, membrane performance testing and membrane application testing. For a long time, Thinkre™ has carried out technical cooperation with Chinese Academy of Sciences, Xiamen University, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Changzhou University and so on, and set up a globalized Information Department to keep pace with the latest global membrane technology development.

All along, the people of Thinkre™ have always been adhering to the core values of “Innovation, Creativity and Creation”and the enterprise concept of “Quality, Service and Win-Win”, building the brand of Thinkre™ with the spirit of craftsmanship,pursuing cooperation with domestic and foreign advanced technical institutions, and seeking common development, in order to make Thinkre™’s contribution to the world's new energy innovation road!

Production Base(Suzhou) capable of production of 1000,000 ㎡ membrane for Electrolyzer and PEMFC 

Production Base(Huai’an) capable of production of 5000,000 ㎡ membrane for VFB

R&D Center(Suzhou)

Marketing Center(Beijing)