Chemical Processing

Enable Chemical Production by offering Ion Exchange 


A chemical production facility requires chemical purity, high yield, and process efficiency as crytical performance.
Resins, membranes and catalysts are what chemical manufacturers mostly need in order to boost high-quality and high yield and high speed production. 
These resins, membranes, and catalysts need to thrive consistently in harsh environments to yield high-purity substances and streamline production.
Thinkre™ ion-exchange materials including membranes, dispersions, and resins play an crytical role in varying chemical processing applications and help ultra-high purity chemical producers improve yields and quality, providing unparalleled performance and durability in numerous chemical industry applications,such as electrolytic chlorine dioxide generator, etching solution recovery copper, gold salt preparation, amino acid refining, caustic soda preparation, electrodialysis and other electrolytic industries etc.

   Ion Exchange: Thinkre™ resins act as long-lasting, perfluorinated cation exchange resins that can perform in harsh temperatures and chemical environments where other non-fluorinated resins fail to.
   Electrolysis: The selectivity of Thinkre™ membranes in various electrochemical processes provides ultra-high purity compounds, such as those needed in semiconductor manufacturing.
   Catalysts: Thinkre™ polymers serve as super-acid catalysts. When used in solid pellet form, Thinkre™ catalyst can be reused numerous times, lowering total cost.

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